DALCON Ltd, our headquarters are based in Athens,Greece.

    We are a niche construction company, primarily focused on luxury solutions concerning daylight systems in residential and commercial environments. Our experienced team of architects respond immediately to clients needs, by designing functional and elegant solutions that are produced by our permanent in-house manufacturers for production.  Our after sales service includes a guarantee and support that gives us a stronger advantage over our competitors.
   The DALCON brand first appeared in the Greek market place in 1998, with skylight and conservatory designs.  After 14 months a production line was established in order for us to manufacture our metal projects. Since then we have extended our customer list from residents to include architects and commercial facilities and our network from South Europe to Middle East. 

    Over the last 10 years, we have developed a range of standardized products  and we have established a prime position within the Greek market place with professional products and partnerships.

        Our principles

Our ethos and professionalism feature every aspect of our operations. We continue to research for innovative solutions with primary focus on our customers needs who will benefit from our years of experience and guidance. The key elements to any successful project must also ensure quality, creativity and aesthetics. 

    We also consider in our designs, the importance of the environment which makes a positive contribution in the competitive field of construction.

        Our vision

Our commitment defines our determination to be a leading construction company, with the highest ethical standards that deliver exceptional value for money when providing our products and services. We aspire to change the view that people have of residential production developments, by using environmentally friendly materials in our designs.

    One of our goals, is to continue to be a reliable manufacturer and supplier of innovative constructions by developing beneficial and collaborative partnerships.